Company History

Company History

Arandell Company History

In 1922, Ernest F. Riedelbach and George F. Lorio owned R & L Services, Inc., engaged strictly in multigraphing and envelope addressing, as a letter shop, equipped to cast their own type. They furnished complete service and quickly became one of the leading letter shops in the Milwaukee area.

In 1935, Roger F. Owsley joined with Mr. Riedelbach and Mr. Lorio, as the major stockholder. Together, they purchased a sheetfed 17 x 22 Harris offset press. Their purpose was to launch a pioneer lithography project in Milwaukee. This was the real beginning of Arandell Corporation as we know it today.

Despite the fact that the shadow of the Depression threatened to overwhelm private enterprise, hard work, confidence and the will to succeed helped this new venture progress. Slowly, but surely, the lithographic segment of the business advanced, the activity in the letter shop departments was curtailed and the first lithographic salesman, Mr. Engelhardt, joined the firm as a partner.

A New Era: Mr. F.E. Treis Joins Arandell Corporation

Arandell continued to expand by adding a one-color 28 x 42 and a four-color 35 x 45 Harris press. The litho art, plate and photo departments were enlarged and, in 1944, F. Edward Treis joined the sales staff.

It was not long before a change in management took place. On November 15, 1949, Mr. F.E. Treis purchased the interests of Roger F. Owsley. Mr. Treis was elected Chairman of the Board and President. Under the direction of Mr. Treis, the company grew the sales department and the production department reorganized to meet the requirements of the market and economic conditions.

Mr. Treis’ strategy to upgrade printing involved a blending of craftsmanship with science. In the years that followed his purchase of Arandell Corporation, Mr. Treis fostered his technological revolution. No equipment salesman with new ideas or innovative testing devices was turned away. He considered any improvement in printing technology too important to ignore and any mechanical tool or electronic tool that could help the printing craftsman produce better quality was of vital importance to him and Arandell.

Continuous Growth through Product Expansion

In 1981, Arandell Corporation had grown to be the largest lithographic sheetfed printer in Southeast Wisconsin. At that time, the company’s principal products were annual reports, brochures, inserts, labels and small publications. Located in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, Arandell saw the need to expand beyond these product lines and the 60,000 square foot facility. To meet the expansion goal, Arandell Corporation purchased the E.F. Schmidt Company in 1981 to enter the four-color web offset industry. A new 250,000 square-foot plant in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin was occupied to facilitate the expansion.

Almost immediately, Arandell began dedicating its sales and production efforts to add direct mail catalogs to its portfolio, along with publications and commercial printing. Beginning with the first major client, Neiman Marcus (headquartered in Dallas, TX), Arandell successfully grew to become a nationally-recognized supplier in the marketplace.

As the industry grew in size and sophistication, Arandell continued with its “state of the art” philosophy and began providing expanded services to clients including mailing, distribution, list management and database marketing strategies.

In June of 1994, with the same pioneering spirit, Arandell-Schmidt joined Harris Graphics to help modify and improve press design and installed the country’s first 24-page web M3000 (Sunday) press. Larger cylinder size, “gapless” plate, blanket design and higher speeds were just a few ways the M3000 was designed to meet the more demanding needs of a growing industry and would help Arandell to fulfill the expanding needs of its client base.

Going Beyond the Printed Page

Today, Arandell does more. Nearly 90 years after its founding, Arandell has grown to be not only one of the top three catalog printers in the country but now provides extensive catalog marketing services to its clients, including mailing and distribution, logistics, database marketing, premedia, mobile application development and so much more. Arandell is respected as a leader in the catalog marketing industry and is known for consistently delivering success.

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