Client Testimonials

Our client testimonials say it all!

Our clients appreciate Arandell’s promise to be their partner. How do we know? Their gratitude is manifested in their testimonials. They tell us how much they appreciate our attention to detail, our online communication tools and our personal customer service. Here’s a few testimonials:

Children’s Toy Cataloger, Arandell customer since 2000

You make me look good with your sharp eye for detail and superior reports.  Thank you for all you do to make sure our projects run smoothly.  And, thanks for accepting my twists and turns without a hint of irritation.  You’re a pillar!

Sportswear Cataloger/Retailer, Arandell customer since 2004

Let me take a moment to say…..I appreciate all that you do. I know I run you through the wringer at times and I am grateful of your efforts. I hope I have time to buy you dinner or drinks when I’m out for the press okay.  I’m so happy I’m working with you people. I know you are GREAT at your jobs! Thank the entire team!!!!

Automotive Cataloger, Arandell customer since 2007

I simply want to thank one of your pressroom supervisors for a job well done. I was just there on a press check and he nailed the color on my catalog better than anyone to date.  I had to make very little color moves…and that was just because I’m picky…it could have ran as is.  Job well done…someone buy that guy a lunch. These are reasons I will continue to print with Arandell.

Fashion Retailer, Arandell customer for over 15 years

At our company we have found Arandell’s attention to detail excellent, their pricing reasonable, and their ability to proactively anticipate and quickly resolve issues all critical to our success. We consider Arandell a partner, and our catalog program is stronger due to the care and attention we receive from them. I can personally recommend Arandell without hesitation or reservation.

Fashion Retailer, Arandell customer for over 30 years

FYI…each year I appreciate the Customer-Connect system more and more. It is so nice to have a location where everyone can view the most-recent specs, without having a million e-mails, notes and PDFs floating around. Thanks for all you do!

Fine Chocolate Cataloger/Retailer, Arandell customer for over 15 years

Everyone at here is absolutely thrilled with the Fall and Holiday catalogs! Thrilled! So, thank you all so very much. Kudos and bravos to everyone involved!!!

Cosmetics Retailer, Arandell customer for over 15 years

I want you to know the book turned out beautiful – very rich looking black – colors consistent throughout – front cover really popped! Great job ya’ all.

Educational Products Cataloger, Arandell customer since 2001

The Commerce “clients” think our catalog is beautiful. Thank you one and all for the expert printing and putting four (or five) colors all in the right places. I appreciate all of your effortless help and skillful talents.

Yarn Catalog, Arandell customer since 2002

Thanks, as always for your excellent customer service.

Garden Furnishings Cataloger, Arandell customer since 2007

The Summer Sale catalog looks great. My gratitude to the team who worked on it.

Science Supply Cataloger, Arandell customer since 2009

We are all blown away by the quality of your work! Thank you to the entire Arandell team for a job well done.

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