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Mobile Solutions

Arandell’s Mobile Solutions

Catalogs are no longer just direct-selling tools: Print catalogs drive web and store traffic, are a channel between technologies and, perhaps most important, communicate and build brand. Customers who receive catalogs not only shop more often, but they spend more per transaction. Have you seen what your site looks like on a mobile device? Better yet, have you tried to find a product and complete the purchase? You’ll feel the same frustration your mobile shoppers feel every day and understand why your mobile conversion rate is likely just 0.3% to 0.4%, versus more than 2.0% to 4.0% when properly optimized to a mobile commerce site. Arandell offers cost-effective mobile solutions that save you the time and expense of having to search for an outside provider. Increase the return on the catalog that you have already worked so hard to produce. Make your channels work together.

Arandell knows that going mobile can be an overwhelming proposition. Many different devices to adjust for, a shopper with unique behaviors, and new and untested marketing tools such as SMS marketing and redirect codes. Plus, the decision of building it in-house, using your e-commerce provider, hiring a project-based mobile developer, or going with a self-service mobile expert. Arandell has solutions that makes all of these worries disappear.

Mobile Consumption

Consumers are increasingly looking to their mobile devices to research products they are interested in. A comprehensive multi-channel marketing strategy makes it easy and efficient for mobile users to page through your catalog electronically, find product specifications, access social content such as product ratings & reviews, share products with friends through integration with Facebook and sms marketing or text message marketing, and even access product availability in retailers’ stores.

Now, any retailer with a simple listing of their products can be selling to mobile shoppers within days using a self-service dashboard to create a customize, powerful, and easy-to-use mStore. Contact Arandell today to go through a demo of our mobile solutions.

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